January 15, 2020

The Eiswerk Cooling House — 100 Years Later

Techspace® is turning a 100-year-old cooling factory into a hub for Berlin’s most ambitious tech businesses. Here’s how.

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The Eiswerk Cooling House — 100 Years Later

100 Years Later

The factory at Berlin’s old ice manufacturing plant had been providing an essential service for the locals for a century. 100 years later, in 1992, the factory was abandoned and derelict. That was until property developer, Trockland began renovating the old factory in 2017. We saw an opportunity to turn the cooling building at the old factory into a hub for tech scale-ups, providing technology teams with the space, resources and opportunities they need to grow.

Eiswerk Event Space

From One Revolution To The Next

The cooling house at Carl Bolle’s old ice factory presented Techspace with a valuable opportunity to further contribute to Berlin’s growing tech sector. Since our conception, Techspace’s vision has been to support scaling technology businesses by renovating spaces in areas that appeal to our members culturally and commercially, so when we open a building, our members buy into the local ecosystem as soon as they join.

In the progressive industrial-cool neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Eiswerk is another example of Techspace investing in the growth of an up-and-coming technology hub.


The Heart Of A Tech Hub

In 2018, startups in Germany raised a record €3.4 billion of investment, with almost 40% of that being invested in Berlin, making it the second most successful European city for attracting investment, after London.

Berlin also attracts a high portion of tech talent with 46% of the local tech workforce having migrated there, that’s a higher portion than any other European city. With affordable rent, friendly culture and a general buzz of excitement, Berlin has become a resourceful city for some of the world’s most ambitious tech businesses. Having hosted many fast-growing tech scale-ups at Techspace Kreuzberg workspace, Techspace are looking forward to expanding our footprint in this tech-centric, entrepreneurial city.

Eiswerk interior

The Vision

The vision for Techspace has always been the same. To turn clusters of buildings in key European cities into campuses for growing tech companies, kitted out with meeting rooms, workspaces, events and growth partners. By providing our spaces and services exclusively to scaling tech businesses, Techspace have built curated networks which allow our members to share ideas and tackle challenges together.

Working on such an important historical building, our design team are excited to be creating something unique that will impress your guests and inspire your team, while complimenting the original character of Bolle’s factory.

Eiswerk Enterprise
“It isn’t every day that you get to work on such a unique project. We’re aiming to make the cooling house one of the most impressive and inviting workspaces in Berlin.”

— Paul Alexander, CPO at Techspace.

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