We're on a mission to build a global tech platform where scale-ups can shape a better future, together.


We see a world where technology companies create long-term value by sharing successes and overcoming scale-up challenges together. A world where hundreds of Techspace locations connect ecosystems from across the globe to make scale-up knowhow available for all teams. We see Techspace as a platform for innovative teams who want to change the world for the better, grow sustainably and tackle the challenges of the future.


Techspace redevelops spaces in areas that appeal to our members culturally and commercially, which means that when we open a building, our members buy into the local ecosystem as soon as they join. By localising our expansion strategy, we’re able to expand sustainably into developing ecosystems without negatively impacting the local community, in turn partnering with local traders to support the existing ecosystem.


Here are the values we care most about. Not only are they behaviours that best represent our team culture, but this also extends to new members and partners we intend to work alongside. If these values describe you, or your company, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


We are governed by conscience, principled in our actions and believe in going the extra mile. We succeed in supporting the success of others, and choose to deliver understated excellence. Fairness is important to us and we apply this to all aspects of our business; we care! When asked to promote ourselves, we choose to advocate our community.


We learn by doing, take smart risks to achieve our objectives and are prepared to fail in order to learn. Many of our best leaps forward have been steps into the unknown, working backwards from our goals to turn ambiguity into structure. We root out truths, test our assumptions and challenge the status quo. We keep on, keeping on.


We seek to achieve balance through reflection, trust and fairness. From day one, co-founders David & Alex have tried to strike the right balance, walking the fine line between sustainability and growth. From setting business objectives and balancing the strengths and weaknesses of team members to fostering a working environment that supports personal fulfilment; balance is key.


We’re authentic, honest and direct, embracing candid, supportive feedback to create an empathic environment. When things go wrong, we speak up, take responsibility and learn from our mistakes. We’re hard wired to trust those we work alongside, speaking our subscribers’ language to ensure our intentions are not misunderstood.


Actions speak louder than words, so we choose to get it done. Structure helps us improve where we’ve been, initiative helps us navigate where we’re going.

Scaling is hard work, but necessary to make innovation matter.

Andy Grove, Co-Founder of Intel