The Scaleup Culture Report 2024

A national report diving into the current state of workplace culture across the UK’s technology sector.
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How does the UK's tech sector like to work?

The world of work is experiencing a profound transformation.

Whether it's the environments in which we work, the ways we communicate with colleagues, or the AI tools we use every day, it is constantly evolving at a rapid pace!

Alongside this continuous advancement, the complexity and nuance embedded in the world of work are also growing. Younger generations view and approach work differently compared to previous ones. Attitudes towards work have shifted as wars and pandemics make headlines, and the ever-evolving digital landscape has enabled—and validated—that work can indeed be carried out effectively from almost anywhere.

Over the past year, finding the right balance between what is best for the company and what is best for the employee has remained at the heart of discussions in many boardrooms. Companies such as Slack and Dropbox have fully embraced remote working, operating across borders and recruiting from as far afield as beaches to mountains. Meanwhile, some companies are experimenting with a four-day working week.

What does all this mean? How prevalent are these trends among UK businesses? What is considered normal today? How do UK tech workers wish to work now, compared to 12 months ago?

This report aims to answer these questions by surveying respondents across the UK, interviewing leaders from top tech companies in the ecosystem, and comparing these trends and insights with last year's report.

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About this report

The Scaleup Culture Report is a national report diving into the current state of workplace culture across the UK tech industry. Based on a comprehensive Sapio Research survey of 2,000 tech workers, the report sheds light on how companies are adapting to new working models and shares insights and learnings to help businesses.
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  • 2,000 respondents surveyed
  • Technology workers (in a range of roles)
  • UK-wide
  • Additional insights and interviews from Techspace members, Operations Nation and Tech Nation Future Fifty companies
  • Executed by Sapio Research


The Scaleup Culture Podcast 2024

A video podcast from Techspace. Diving into the current state of workplace culture across the UK’s technology sector. With interviews from Founders, People leaders and CEOs from some of the top scaleups in Europe.

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About this report

A few key takeaways

‘The Scaleup Culture Report’ captures the current state of scaleup culture with a focus on how UK tech employees want to work. The research was carried out by Techspace and includes a Sapio Research survey of 2,000 tech employees.

Shift Toward In-Office Workdays

Compared to last year, one third fewer respondents are working in companies that employ a Hybrid Fixed or Hybrid Flex approach.

Monday’s Back By Popular Demand

Contrary to previous trends, Monday to Wednesday are the most popular days, indicating a growing preference for starting the week on the right foot.

Employees want a three day workweek

The report’s findings reveal a notable shift in the preference for the number of in-office days among professionals, who now favour a three-day workweek.

UK Tech Workers believe AI is changing the job market

26 per cent of London tech employees believe AI is replacing their jobs, compared to 17 per cent nationally.

Our 2023 report showed a very clear difference between the days employees chose to be in the office and the number of days they felt necessary for their team to work at its best.

So, it’s interesting to witness employees choosing more in-person work this year and, in turn, effectively closing that gap.

Jonathan Bevan - CEO at Techspace

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