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Samurai Village Pledge

We strive for perfection and harmony, in the belief they are the highest values for our team and members. Our vision and values for the future are embodied through our Samurai Village Pledge. We’re proud of our ethos and we ask anyone joining our team to truly commit to it:

  • I am ready to be involved in shaping the processes that define Techspace
  • Whilst I understand that our cogs don’t turn perfectly yet, striving for perfection motivates me
  • I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or to learn by doing
  • I have the initiative to set my optimal working rhythm and help my team members do the same
  • I will never pass up an opportunity to help out a colleague, and I’ll remember the days before I knew everything
  • I question everything, test assumptions and trust that my knowledge, instincts and contributions are valid
  • Our members take priority and I strive to make our members’ working lives easier
  • I know that honest communication is always key
  • I embrace change and want to be part of a business that never stands still
  • I take the business seriously but don’t take myself seriously
  • I won’t stop until my ambitions are fulfilled
  • I really care
  • I believe the goal of total perfection has no end

Our Story

Techspace is London’s leading workspace company for technology scale-ups. Founded by two friends frustrated by their own lack of flexible, fuss-free workspace, Techspace has successfully grown to a thriving member community of 1800+ tech entrepreneurs across 5 locations in London with a first international hub opening in Berlin this Autumn.

We have exciting plans to expand into further technology hubs across the UK and Europe in 2018/19, in turn helping promote member growth among Europe’s hottest technology ecosystems, and strengthening opportunity for investment, knowledge-share, jobs and innovation.