WE're on the hunt for exceptional new talent


20 NOVEMBER, 2019
Go Software Developer
Techspace is looking for a Software Developer with proven service oriented systems design and development experience.
20 NOVEMBER, 2019
Experienced Head of Marketing
Techspace is searching for an experienced Head of Marketing to join our growing marketing team.
01 OCtober, 2019
Talented Product Manager
Techspace is searching for a talented Product Manager with industry experience to join our product team.


We see a world where technology companies create long-term value by sharing successes and overcoming scale-up challenges together. We see Techspace as a platform for innovative teams who want to change the world, grow sustainably and tackle the challenges of the future.


Rob Stevenson

Managing Director

Alex Rabarts

Co-Founder, CTO

Rob Ryan


Phil Ellis

Founder, CCO

Paul Alexander

Founder, CPO

Richard Hitchcox


Jan Bohnhorst

Head of Expansion

Katie Clarke

GM, London

Steph Brisson

GM, Berlin