December 4, 2023

Techspace partner with Carbon13 in Berlin - the Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency

For founders resident in the EU, Techspace will now provide workspace for Carbon13's Venture Builder in Berlin, giving entrepreneurs and founders from the DACH climate tech scene a platform.

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Techspace partner with Carbon13 in Berlin - the Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency

Today, Techspace announces its partnership with Carbon13, the venture builder for the climate emergency.

In this strategic partnership Carbon13 and Techspace will be joining forces for next year’s Venture Builder programme in Berlin. Throughout 2024’s programme, Carbon13’s cohort of companies will exclusively gain access to Techspace’s spaces, giving them the space and environment to do their best work.

As Co-founder Dr Nicky Dee of Carbon13 so neatly put it on showcase day in Cambridge last month,

"We must move beyond words".

At Techspace, we strongly believe that technology and innovation has the power to shape a better world.

The climate emergency needs action today, not tomorrow. By supporting Carbon13 we're not only supporting action, we're also delivering against our mission, to elevate change-makers to shape a better tomorrow.

Aside from being the right thing to do, Techspace and Carbon13 stand on common ground, both committing to building a strong community, emphasising the creation of valuable connections, and setting the stage for long-term collaborative success among founders.

"It's an incredibly exciting partnership. The climate emergency is something that our whole team feels passionately about, so not only does this initiative align with our values as a team, it also perfectly sync's with Techspace's mission."

– Philip Ellis, Marketing Director at Techspace

Techspace Kreuzberg is perfectly situated in the heart of South-East Berlin, in an area bustling with personality and creativity. Our industrial building has been converted into a charming high-ceilinged office space full of natural light, with a private courtyard and balcony to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership!

Are you willing to dedicate your skills, experiences and qualifications to solving climate change?

Carbon13 is the Venture Builder for the Climate Emergency. They are laser-focused on supporting founders solving for the climate, and the climate only. To do that, they ask every new founder on their programmes to aim big, to build a solution with the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gases) by 10 million tonnes per year, at scale – and all their support is designed to help you reach that figure.

Carbon13’s Cambridge origins have taught them the importance of world-class carbon, commercial and scientific understanding. Their recent growth to Berlin fuels the ecosystem of domain expertise, investors, and partners.

Carbon13 has invested €7.5mm in 65 ventures since 2021 with solutions such as carbon negative concrete, methane capture, bioplastics, precision fermentation, quantum computing for materials discovery, green ammonia, low-energy carbon capture solutions and hydrogen.

To learn more and ask your questions, check Carbon13’s website and register for one of the upcoming webinars. No doubt, the clock is ticking. Apply now.

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