May 13, 2024

Step inside Databrick's new Berlin HQ

Located on the top floor of Techspace Eiswerk with panoramic views of Berlin.

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Step inside Databrick's new Berlin HQ

Crafting a Home for Data Intelligence Innovation

Over the past year, the dynamics of workplace practices have undergone notable changes. The Scaleup Culture Report 2024 highlights a significant shift, with more demand for in-office days, Monday bouncing back in popularity and more businesses using flexible workspaces.

Current data from our UK report indicates that a higher percentage of employers are mandating more office days than 2023. Reflecting a broader trend that we expect is likely mirrored across Europe in order to enhance team productivity and cohesion.

However, as we discussed in this years' report, in-person matters more, but companies should still work out how to deploy strategies that “pull, not push" employees into the office. Of course, one highly effective approach to deliver on this need is designing workspaces that employees are naturally eager to use.

Databricks, a Techspace member at our Eiswerk location in Berlin, exemplifies this philosophy. With their no policy approach, Databricks is highly effective at building a high performance culture by designing the office for a variety of functions.

By investing thoughtfully in the design and functionality of their office, Databricks has made their workspace a desirable destination for their team. Utilising both their own data insights and those provided by Techspace, Databricks has closely analysed workplace usage over the last 6-12 months. This analysis has informed their decisions on optimising their office layout and amenities to best suit their team’s needs.

Check out the photos from their recent office refurbishment below. And watch this space for a Q&A with their International Real Estate & Workplace Manager, Hayley Samuels.


Sector: Technology and Communications

Offices: 33 worldwide

Employees: 5,500+ 

What is Databricks?

Databricks is a pioneering data and AI company known for its groundbreaking lakehouse architecture, seamlessly integrating the functionalities of data lakes and warehouses. Founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, and MLflow, Databricks serves as a beacon for innovation in data and AI, empowering organisations worldwide to tackle some of their most challenging data problems.

At Techspace, we recognise the importance of tailoring every workspace to meet the unique needs of our members. Our mission is to support our members in creating spaces that harness their unique attributes and foster the behaviours and culture they aspire to cultivate. The following case study on Databricks exemplifies this approach, showcasing how we bring our vision to life.

For more insights on how we customise workspaces to accommodate the changing needs of tech companies, you can read further here.

The Challenge?


  • Crafting a collaborative yet functional workspace
  • Balancing varied team needs and optimising productivity
  • Incorporating data-driven insights into the design

Meet Hayley Samuels, International Real Estate & Workplace Manager at Databricks. In 2023, Hayley faced the task of designing a new workspace for the Databricks team in Berlin at Techspace Eiswerk.

“I don't work from the Berlin office, I visit, I design it, I work with our partners, we understand what they need, and then we partner. So for that office, we partner, obviously Techspace, where the community team where incredible. They've got a great design team who took our playbook, laid out the floor and came up with some solutions. It was really a collaboration between Databricks’ needs, our employees' needs and Techspace helping us get to that point.” - Hayley Samuels, Senior Real Estate & Workplace Manager, International  

As a pioneering data and AI company, Databricks needed a space that could support their engineering-heavy team while also providing areas for collaborative work and client interactions. Given the diversity of roles within the company, it was crucial to create an environment that catered to both quiet, focused work and dynamic, collaborative sessions.

The team needed a variety of spaces: private areas for focused engineering work, soundproof booths for client calls, and flexible meeting rooms for brainstorming sessions. Additionally, Databricks wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged employees to come to the office and collaborate in person.

The Solution?

Techspace provided Databricks with a self-contained private office at their Eiswerk location in Berlin. The space featured natural light, panoramic views of Berlin, and flexible layouts that could be customised to meet Databricks' specific needs. Shared building amenities such as bookable meeting rooms, two roof terraces, and a café complemented the private office space, offering additional options for larger meetings and team events.

When it came to the exact customisations, Techspace engaged its Community and Design Team to personalise the space to Databricks' specific requirements. This process involved several consultations with the Databricks team, leading to the development of detailed space plan options and 3D plans for review.

"We want to create a space to allow our employees to do their best work." - Hayley Samuels
Techspace Standard Layout
Databricks' Custom Layout

The layout that Databricks chose included breakout spaces, an open-plan area, and additional phone booths.

Techspace’s design team worked closely with Databricks through consultations, space plan options, 3D plans, and renders to personalise the space. This collaborative approach ensured that the final layout was tailored to Databricks' unique requirements.

Some of these visuals and 3D renders for Databricks' new space can be seen below:

Customising the Space:

Here’s how Databricks personalised their space:

  • Layout Adjustments: Databricks opted for a design with multiple breakout areas and flexible seating arrangements to foster a collaborative yet versatile working environment.
  • Additional Privacy: Recognising the need for confidentiality in data handling, the office was equipped with extra phone booths and soundproofing solutions.
  • Visual Identity and Branding: Vinyl prints featuring Databricks' logo and core values were strategically placed to strengthen brand presence.
  • Tech-Enhanced Meeting Rooms: Upgraded audiovisual capabilities, including high-definition cameras and integrated sound systems, were installed to ensure seamless communication with global teams.
  • Acoustic Enhancements: To improve sound quality and privacy, acoustic baffles are fixed throughout the space.
  • Additional Biophilia: Additional greenery was introduced to enhance the workspace's aesthetics, creating a more pleasant environment.

Result & Impact

Databricks has successfully transformed their Berlin office into a vibrant, functional space that not only aligns with their innovative brand identity but also significantly boosts team morale and productivity. The thoughtful customisations have created an office that perfectly supports both the collaborative spirit along with the confidential and more intensive work crucial to Databricks.

The office’s flexible design has proven ideal for hosting international team sessions and local brainstorming alike, facilitating effective collaboration and innovative problem-solving.

Invitation to Customise Your Workspace

Interested in tailoring your workspace to better fit your team’s needs? Discover the range of services, products, and custom options available at Techspace. Visit our website to learn how we can help you create an environment where your business can truly thrive.


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