September 14, 2018

5 key benefits of an Enterprise membership at Techspace

Our Enterprise spaces across East London provide growing businesses with private space, dedicated meeting rooms, breakout space and a range of other benefits.

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5 key benefits of an Enterprise membership at Techspace

Enterprise membership

Is your growing business struggling to stay productive in your current office space? Are your team members working on top of one another and it's time to start a search for your next office? Perhaps you're looking for the perfect balance between a shared office and your own lease space to make your own? Let Techspace take away the non-core business activities, so you can focus on growing your business and improving your product.

If you’re a team of 30 to 100, Enterprise membership is worth exploring. Here are 5 key benefits of choosing Enterprise space with Techspace:

1. Ownership

Beige space isn’t going to motivate your staff, or impress your clients. Our fully flexible Enterprise floors provide an ideal blank canvas for you to take ownership of your company culture. Paint your company mission on the wall, feng shui your furniture, or even create a podcasting room — we want to help you to create space that feels like home. A space where employees can be collaborative, productive and inspired.

2. Flexibility

If being tied into a long contract fills you with dread, then we hear you. We know how quickly things can change when scaling a business, so we'll offer flexibility when you need it. Even if you decide to fix your contract term for security of tenure, we'll offer all of our members the option to expand into new offices at any time. Just make our team aware and we'll help you grow through our portfolio. We're here to support high-growth teams, so we've seen it all before.

3. Privacy

Although connected to the rest of the community, Enterprise floors are self-contained spaces that offer your team privacy from other members. Giving your hard-working employees a break from their desks is a great strategy for retaining a motivated and happy workforce. Every Enterprise floor has a dedicated break-out space which could be used for relaxing on a comfy sofa, informal team chats, or even your next staff ping pong party. We want to allow you to curate a company culture that works for you, and isn't compromised by other member companies.

4. 50% off events

We’re proud to house some of London’s most interesting and exciting technology scale-ups, who are all on their own growth journeys. Sharing ideas, exchanging introductions, getting talent recommendations — it’s all supported by our events, event partners and community team. Members who wish to host their own events with Techspace will receive 50% off bookings.

5. Dog friendly

Who doesn’t love furry friends in the office? We fully endorse our members bringing in their canine colleagues to work, to lighten moods and break up tense board meetings. Our members Goodlord love having their pooches around the office; a big plus when London dog sitters can cost a premium. Everyone say “Ahhh!”.

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