April 8, 2020

The Ultimate WFH Guide

Our guide to working from home comfortably, happily and productively. All illustrations by our own talented Liva Kacara.

The Ultimate WFH Guide

"Keep it moving"

Keeping fit at home.

Your 'Work From Home' triathlon need not involve naps, TV, and food. There are a bunch of free classes online to keep you fit, with no equipment needed. Here's a few of our faves:

PE with Joe
The nation's favourite home workout instructor, streaming workouts suitable for everyone. All donations go to the NHS.

Techspace Yoga
Non-pretentious stretchy time with Lydiana.
At 11am every Tuesday.

Techspace Meditation
Conscious rest gives us the opportunity to come back to our centre, to breathe, and relax. These sessions will be led by Meditation teacher and Breathwork Instructor, Michael McCaffrey.
At 2pm every Thursday.

"Dress for disaster"

Our recommendations on how to dress for work(ish) while working remotely.

Step 1: Party from the waist down. Anything that's in shot of the Zoom call, keep it casual smart, everything else, live a little. Just don't dress too casual or it can be hard to get in the work frame of mind.

Step 2: Keep it colourful. Just because you aren't wandering around Shoreditch, doesn't mean you can't get creative. If you think your bucket hat looks good with your wellington boots today, that's you.

Step 3: Dress for the sesh. Some days working remotely will be busier than others. The formality of your attire should respond accordingly.

"Remotely interested"

Pick up some new skills, or improve the ones you have, with these remote learning platforms.

Just because you're spending more time at home, doesn't mean you can't be learning new skills (getting from your bed to your desk in less than 30 seconds each morning doesn't count as a skill, unfortunately).

Here are some of the online learning platforms that we at Techspace have been using:

General Assembly - Tech and management courses.
Skillshare - General learning platform, great for creatives.
Udemy - Academic learning platform.
Masterclass - Premium courses from industry experts.

"You don't have the beans!"

Tech teams typically consist of carbon-based, caffeine-dependant, bipedal life forms (emphasis on caffeine-dependant).

Your breakup with the office coffee machine might be your most painful breakup yet, and the instant coffee at home just isn't filling the hole in your heart. Don't worry, we got you covered.

Here is the Ultimate Guide on making coffee at home, according to professional chefs.

You might also need some beans. We recommend Rosslyn, Black Sheep (blue-volcano beans) and Caravan Coffee.

"Netflix and crash!"

Recharge your remote working batteries the right way.

TV & Movies

Apple TV+

  • See
  • The Morning Show

Disney+ (Get a 7-day free trial)

  • Monsters Inc
  • Up
  • The Parent Trap


  • Sour Grapes
  • Tiffany Haddish Black Mitzvah
  • Operation Odessa‍


We'd like to thank our brilliant Community team members for pulling their recommendations together!

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