October 30, 2019

5 Workplace Productivity Apps Recommended by Office Managers

When your team is growing fast, keeping track of everyone’s work becomes a challenge. With these 5 software services, you’ll be able to keep tabs on different projects, communicate more effectively and keep yourself and your team organised.

5 Workplace Productivity Apps Recommended by Office Managers

1. Plecto

Performance Dashboard (www.plecto.com)

This metric dashboard software is a great for commercial departments who want visibility of individual and team performance against company targets.

Whether you want a leaderboard for your sales team, a web traffic dashboard for your marketing team or a project timeline for your product team, Plecto has a real-time dashboard that will maintain collection motivation, and keep company targets front of mind.

The dashboard links to your CRM, so all data will update automatically. The platform can also connect to your lights and speakers, so when your new sales exec closes their first deal you can have ‘We are the champions’ play on full volume to flashing lights. If that’s what you want!

2. 1Password

Admin Software (1password.com)

As your company grows and adds software, keeping track of login details will become increasingly challenging.

1password allows your team to log and access all passwords in one place, so owners can manage passwords in one place.

Gone are the days of having to send out an email to the whole team every time a password is updated or changed. They can fend for themselves, in a professional and secure manner.

3. Intercom

Customisable Messaging Suite (intercom.com)

This all-in-one customer messaging service is a great platform for lead generation, customer engagement and customer support.

At Techspace, we use Intercom as a valuable tool for our community team, communicating with our members via the support desk function. Bringing all messaging into one platform to triage messaging to the correct team has been a blessing for our ops team. When team members are sick, or on holiday, nothing gets missed!

This is a hugely versatile platform that makes itself useful to many teams in various forms. Cost effective, feature-rich and a tech business themselves, they understand the problems that scaling business face, so Intercom get’s our shout out.

4. BambooHR

Human Resources Platform (bamboohr.com)

BambooHR is a HR management platform which, with the basic features, will streamline the process of onboarding new team members, managing annual leave and storing contracts, payslips and other important documents.

Premium features on the platform include ways to track and measure employee performance, distribute benefits and provide training. If you’re looking for an easy to use people management platform that gets the basics right, then BambooHR is for you. It’s not fancy, but when it comes to HR admin, it just needs to work.

5. TeamGantt

Project Planning Platform (teamgantt.com)

Keeping track of long-term projects is important for every business. TeamGantt makes the top-line targets come to life.

This platform gives teams a clear view of what milestones are expected. More importantly, it covers the dependency tracking better than Asana and other similar platforms we’ve tried. Allowing you to drag and drop dependencies once, to update the whole gantt.

Using gantt’s is a careful balance; what to include, and what to leave out. Just make sure your gantt is detailed enough align and galvanise teams, but not so in-depth that it starts to go out of date too often!

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