March 5, 2024

Closing a Chapter: David Bloom Steps Down from Techspace Board

A guest blog from David Bloom, Founder of Goldacre, as he departs from his position on Techspace's board. After almost 8 years in the position.

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Closing a Chapter: David Bloom Steps Down from Techspace Board

"Today marks a bittersweet moment in my professional journey as I announce my departure from the board of Techspace. The decision to step down comes on the heels of an exciting new phase in my career – my appointment as the Chairman of Kao Data, a leading data centre operator specialising in AI and advanced computing.

Space truly is the final frontier in every changing landscape: the world of digital and physical are combining to find the right equilibrium to maximise outcomes, and businesses like Techspace are at the forefront of this wave. Techspace has been more than just a workplace; it is a dynamic, thriving community that has grown and evolved since its inception in 2011. It has been a privilege to witness its journey, from just one site in Old Street, to now operating across London and Berlin. Throughout the years, it has remained focused on its core goal of offering office spaces designed specifically for the needs of high-growth, technology-led businesses – something I have been proud to be a part of.

Jonathan and the Techspace team have refined their product and have grown a deep understanding of what a modern business needs to thrive. One of the nicest aspects of being involved with Techspace is seeing the members’ businesses grow and change within the community, reaffirming the undoubted value of in-person collaboration coupled with a flexible environment. 

It is difficult to pick out just one memory, but the close of the original investment is one that stands out. At the time Goldacre was working out of one of the first WeWork offices in London, and it was a nice touch that we negotiated and signed the deal in one of those meeting rooms. From there the journey has taken Techspace to a second country location, endless product refinements and a pandemic! 

Now as I take a step back, there is space for a new Board member, who can lend a fresh and unique perspective to Techspace and contribute to its growth. I am looking forward to watching it develop further, beyond its already impressive, 3,500+ members, 75+ forward-thinking teams, seven strategically located spaces, and a handful of dogs that have become a cherished part of the community.

The success of Techspace lies in its commitment to providing innovative workspaces that go beyond the conventional. These spaces are not just offices; they are hubs of creativity and collaboration, carefully designed to attract top talent and foster inspirational, like-minded communities. It's been a joy to see these spaces drive forward the scale-ups of pioneering tech businesses.

The pandemic brought about unforeseen changes in working styles and fundamentally changed the way in which people work forever. Techspace adapted to this opportunity and was able to really reap the benefits. Of course, there have been challenges, but Techspace is at the front of innovation in the world of commercial real estate. 

My departure from the board is not a farewell but a transition to new horizons. I am eager to bring my experiences and insights to my new role as Chairman of Kao Data and my continual role at Goldacre. 

I want to express my deepest appreciation to everyone who has been a part of this incredible adventure. The commitment and vision of the Techspace team to serve pioneering scale-up tech businesses will undoubtedly propel the company to new heights in the future. Here's to the past, the present, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for both Techspace, myself and the companies it serves."


Written by David Bloom - Founder of Goldacre

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