September 1, 2022

Techspace set to launch cohort 2 of their first-of-its-kind scaleup leadership programme

Elevate is a custom designed, 5 month leadership programme for emerging leaders within scaling technology teams

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Techspace set to launch cohort 2 of their first-of-its-kind scaleup leadership programme

Techspace, today announces the much anticipated launch of their second cohort for their Learning & Development programme, Elevate. A custom designed, 5 month leadership programme for emerging leaders within scaling technology teams.

Based on campus within Techspace’s Shoreditch location, the Elevate participants are curated to maximise group engagement. Hosted over 6 in-person workshops, participants receive world-class coaching from Techspace’s delivery partners, Unleashed, gaining actionable leadership skills for managing a high-performance business in the new world of work. Leveraging the benefits of in-person participation and peer to peer learning.

There is a lot of attention given to the war on talent and much less attention given to retention benefits that come from investing in talent development. Very often within high-growth teams young and sometimes inexperienced managers quickly find themselves in positions of authority within a growing team. Yet many of these emerging leaders, although ambitious, are ill-equipped to deal with the stresses and strains that inevitably transpire. Moreover, with the pandemic accelerating the dispersed nature of work, managing remote and hybrid teams only gets more demanding. Managing, motivating, providing feedback, influencing, problem solving, you name it, as more and more technology teams embrace hybrid work, functional leaders must develop new techniques, confidence and awareness to effectively manage a hybrid workforce.

Phil Ellis, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at Techspace said

“It’s been a square peg, round hole scenario for some time. The typical ‘off-the-shelf’ business management course used by larger corporations isn’t appropriate for 99% of scaleup team leaders. Elevate is a first-of-its-kind programme offering high-growth businesses the  opportunity to level up their senior leaders, in doing so preparing their business for success.” 

As the great resignation continues to impact the tech sector, employees are favouring jobs that bring them personal satisfaction, and where they have clear opportunities to develop and acquire new skills (link). With the war on talent creating increasingly competitive compensation packages, scaling tech companies are fighting harder than ever to retain their leaders. Pre-pandemic, most businesses turned to an external leadership consultant to deliver management training, but this approach has become logistically and financially incompatible for scaleups. With Elevate, the focus is on offering rapid transformation for a fraction of the price, whilst removing the time burden of coordinating workshops from busy People teams.

Focusing on culture and career progression (link), the Elevate programme offers hiring managers additional support to attract new hires, with content specifically designed to support emerging leaders scaling hybrid teams.

By choosing to run an open programme, Elevate participants also benefit from connecting, learning and sharing experiences with a highly relevant peer group, a critical asset for any aspiring leader (link). And in most cases cohorts form lifelong connections, building meaningful relationships that continue long after the programme's completion.

Cohort 2 kicks off on 17 November 2022, and follows the success of the first Elevate programme which supported emerging leaders from a variety of well known tech businesses, including Lendable, accruRx, and Lyst.

If you have emerging leaders in your team who would benefit from the Elevate leadership programme, you can learn more about the syllabus at or register your interest below via the Typeform!

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