Private office Private space with shared amenities for teams of 10-30

£545–£650 +VAT PER DESK / MO

About this plan

A private office on a floor you'll share with like minded growing tech companies.

Glass walls encourage collaboration, whilst fully secure offices ensure the privacy you need. Beyond your private office, you'll have access to a range of shared spaces and a kitchen 7 days a week. The perfect blend of privacy and focus, with the benefits of shared amenities and the collaborations that can arise.

Flexibility and being able to scale the business is still so important to us. The ability to seamlessly add space has been invaluable.

Julian Childs, MD UK and Europe, Business Insider Julian childs

All the essentials are included in the price, like bookable meetings rooms, boutique coffee, superfast Wi-Fi and all the cleaning and maintenance bills.

What you get

Feature Included

Super Fast Internet (WIFI / Wired)

1 GB

Meeting Rooms



8:30am - 11pm (weekdays), 10am - 5pm (weekend)

Building Street Signage


Meeting Room Branding



Lockable Office

Space Branding


Space Customisations




Brand Your Own Space

We'll brand and customise the space before you move in, so you can focus on your business from day one, and as with all our packages you'll have complete flexibility to scale-up as rapidly as you like with none of the paperwork or hassle.

Private office cover

Contract Terms

We've designed our contract terms with scale-up businesses in mind. We understand you need complete transparency, flexibility and no fuss. That's why our terms include:

No hidden fees - You need cashflow confidence, so we're upfront and transparent about fees. Everything is included in your monthly cost so you won't be hit with additional bills for frills and extras.

2 month notice period - If you hand in your notice, we'll accept it that day. Notice works on a rolling 60 day period, not per calendar month because we recognise you may not be able to move out on strictly the last day of the month.

Notice period fee - A pre-payment that covers your final months' rent, so you don't have to allocate a significant portion of your runway to a deposit. If you decide to hand in your notice, your final months are pre-paid.

12 month contract term - Our members all sign annual contracts, with the option to break at any time. It's quick and easy to renew beyond 12 months.

15% Security deposit - A small deposit which covers miscellaneous costs like lost keys or damages. We ask for 15% of one month's rent. It's held in a protected account, and is refundable.

Pay monthly (in advance) - Techspace members prefer to pay monthly so we invoice on the 20th of each month and payment's due on the 1st.

Available in Berlin

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