Our next-gen dedicated IT Services: lightning fast, reliable, with unrivalled security and superior support

Lightning fast speeds (<10 Gbps)
Increased security
Supported service

Next-gen dedicated IT Services

Aura is our new dedicated 10 Gbps infrastructure

Aura Lite

£/€900 /month

500 Mbps

Dedicated bandwidth
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
2x VLAN private networks
Branded SSID
Guest SSID

For growing teams who need
guaranteed performance

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Aura Pro

£/€1,900 /month

1 Gbps

Dedicated bandwidth
Ethernet and Wi-Fi
2x VLAN private networks
Branded SSID
Guest SSID
Fortinet Firewall

For enterprise teams who need
guaranteed speeds, additional security and control over their network

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‘Aura is built on our new 10 Gbps infrastructure giving customers lightning fast speeds with security features that are unrivalled in a flexible workspace’


Increased reliability

Dedicated bandwidth means your service is not affected by others’ usage and we build redundancy into our infrastructure, meaning excellent reliability.

Increased security

All packages come with a private VLAN as standard. Our industry-leading security partner, Fortinet, also provides Firewalls for customers looking for ultimate control over their network.

Lightning fast speeds (<10 Gbps)

Aura offers you up to 10 Gbps symmetric speeds and Wi-Fi 6 is available, allowing for lightning fast downloads and reliable video conferencing.

Supported service

Our packages are covered by SLAs and are actively monitored for any problems. We also have trained staff on-site to help, so we’ve got you covered.

Personalised branding

Look the part. Professionalise your workplace for employees and guests with your own branded SSIDs.

Plug & play on flexible terms

Scale up and down on demand. Get enterprise-grade infrastructure without the high setup fees.


Add more of what you need



1-10 Gbps

Need more speed? Add more dedicated bandwidth up to 10 Gbps.

Private network

£/€200 /month

SSID, VLAN & subnet

Need more speed? Add more dedicated bandwidth up to 10 Gbps.

Address space

£/€200 /month

/21 LAN

Have a lot of devices? A /21 address space allows for up to 2048 individual IP addresses.



Wi-Fi 6

State-of-the-art Wi-Fi access points providing speeds of up to 4800 Mbps.


£/€300 /month


A Fortinet FortiGate firewall that provides control over UTM features such as QoS and VPNs.

Rack space

£/€100 /month


Purchase secure rack space on site.

IP address

£/€200 /month

Public IP

Static, public IP address that is routed to and from your private network.

Professional services & BYO infrastructure available

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What’s the difference between Standard and Aura?

Our Standard offering is a secure and fast option on a shared connection, whereas Aura is our lightning fast offering for businesses who rely on their network infrastructure to be best-in-class. Aura gives customers enterprise-grade IT infrastructure on flexible terms that align to your workspace commitment. Aura can also be made available at speeds up to 10 Gbps with custom reporting, unique firewall settings with additional security.

What is the difference between shared and dedicated bandwidth?

Shared means customers can use any bandwidth available up to a cap but the bandwidth is shared between multiple companies in the building. Shared also means we cannot guarantee speeds that can be achieved.

Dedicated means that we have allocated bandwidth to one customer specifically and we actively monitor the connection to ensure its maximum speed. This means we guarantee the speed and will investigate/fix any reports of performance degradation.

Can I customise the network?

Our IT engineers are available to hire for any custom configuration or additional support. For customers bringing their own network, we allow equipment to be set up alongside the Techspace infrastructure.

Speak with our team to find out all the benefits of our super secure broadband packages.