What is the cost for meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms are included within the price of monthly membership.

Do your offices have showers?

Each building is broken down in terms of amenities within the locations page - showers are offered at most new locations.

What’s different from WeWork?

Techspace is a platform for scaling technology companies. The offering is a highly flexible alternative to WeWork, which provides technology companies the flexibility to scale up and down as and when it suits them.

Our curated community, as a result, is made up of 85%/15% in favour of tech companies at differing stages of growth. These companies then have the option to grow into other membership plans as and when they mature, moving into private offices for more privacy or a less disruptive environment, and eventually become a Techspace enterprise member; where teams’ are provided with self-contained floor plates and can focus on developing their own company culture.

Is there 24/7 security?

We provide a grade 2 security alarm on each floor, which is monitored by an outsourced security company. All access doors are insurance compliant, and each member will be required to take out their own contents insurance.

What is Enterprise membership, and how does this differ from a lease?

Enterprise memberships offer companies exclusive use of a floor plate, with their own dedicated kitchen, break-out, meeting rooms, and workspace. This membership type is well-suited for companies who are no longer suitable for shared space, and want to maintain the flexibility to grow their team (from 35+ team members and up).

Techspace alumni?

Notable scale-up companies who have grown their team's at Techspace include GlobalSign, Virgin Media Techstars, Big Data Partnership, Cambridge Healthcare, Twizoo, Memrise, Resin.io and Business Insider Europe.