Measures for returning to work safely

Without question, the workplace has changed more in the last few months than in the last 10 years. As the plan to return to work continues to evolve it is up to  all of us to support and care for one another's wellbeing. While social distancing will be important to maintain, for many of you, getting back to work and connecting safely in person with your team remains an important part of your life. Our goal at Techspace is to provide you with adapted, safe environments where you feel comfortable to do just that.

The health and safety of our employees and members is of utmost importance to us. While we know that risk cannot be completely eliminated we believe that with communication, transparency and a collective effort to adjust our behaviours and expectations we can all help to maintain a safe working environment. This document sets out some of the changes we are making to our operating standards. We will update and change our approach as guidelines change and will work to incorporate best practices for safe workspaces into our standards.


Symptoms? Stay at home or go home

We ask that you be vigilant of yourself for any symptoms associated with COVID-19. No individual may enter a Techspace location if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and we ask that anyone who develops symptoms while on site returns home immediately and informs a member of our Community team. 

The World Health Organisation lists the most common symptoms as: fever, dry cough and tiredness.  They list less common symptoms as: aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes. Serious symptoms include: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement.
Our goal is to be transparent and to make sure our sites are as safe as possible, so we may refuse access, offer you a temperature check with a contactless thermometer or request that you leave our site if we reasonably suspect that you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Member wellbeing

With new guidelines being announced weekly, it is of paramount importance that we all communicate and share information. Your local Community team will send regular email updates to help keep you safe and informed.


Member hygiene

Sanitising stations will be positioned throughout the common areas of our buildings and refilled regularly. We ask that all members wash their hands or arrival and recommend that they do so regularly throughout the day.


Social distancing

Social distancing in common areas will be enabled by modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and minimising points of contact. We ask that everyone please respects and adheres to behavioural cues and guidance.


Space design

New distancing standards will be reinforced with furniture changes, behavioural signage and wayfinding. Where possible we ask that members limit their access to their own floors and offices other than using shared meeting rooms.  


Building signage

All shared spaces will include friendly reminders to members and guests that our collective wellbeing requires all of us to do our part, maintaining hygiene standards and where possible following the one-way traffic measures. 


Cleaning & Sanitising

We’re adapting and enhancing cleaning and hygiene standards in line with the public health guidance:

- Increased cleaning frequency
- Adapted schedules to minimise member contact with cleaning team
- Provision of hand washing facilities in kitchens and alcohol sprays throughout communal areas 
- Installation of sanitising stations at entry points

Washrooms and toilets will be cleaned more frequently through an adapted cleaning schedule to minimise member contact with the cleaning team. Cubicles, urinals and sinks may be cordoned off to assist with distancing, and signage will be placed throughout to remind members of protocol–washing your hands frequently as well as sanitising. 

Techspace is taking steps to protect members by adapting the delivery of fresh, clean air through HVAC systems, as well as opening windows where possible throughout the day to promote airflow and improve air quality.


Access & visitor management

Reception areas will be manned by Community team members as normal, with Techspace running a shift rotation of staff to minimise unnecessary contact in high footfall areas. Security guards will relieve Community staff at the normal time whilst following new health and safety protocols.

The total number of visitors may be limited each day depending on site occupancy. Enterprise members will be required to manage their own guests within their unit and should direct any guests to go directly from reception straight to the member unit. We ask that you limit, where possible, the number of visitors and guests you host at this time.


Member access

We kindly ask all members to use their assigned access cards every time they enter the building. It is critical that we know who has been in our sites on any given day, so that we can manage occupancy levels and keep members safe.

Deliveries should be limited to necessary items only and directed to member offices. Please limit any personal post where possible. Post will be distributed by the on-site Community team on behalf of members. Members should not pick up post from reception unless asked to do so. Collections can be arranged by members themselves provided they are exchanged with couriers outside the building. 

Cycle stores will be adapted where possible to assist with social distancing. Members should wash and sanitise their hands on arrival.
Member showers will be closed until further notice to minimise infection risk between members.

Where passenger lifts are available for use, behavioural signage will emphasise the importance of hygiene and distancing, reminding members and visitors to act in accordance with our building rules.

Shared spaces

Shared member spaces will be adapted appropriately to maintain social distancing. This will include reducing seated occupancy in shared meeting rooms, lounges and kitchens with behavioural signage to remind members of any one-way foot traffic system in place.


Shared meeting rooms

Our recommended seating arrangements will keep you at a safe distance. To reduce risk, we recommend members avoid meeting in person in groups of 5 or more.


Shared kitchens & tea points

Seating will be modified to reduce capacity. Behavioural signage, and floor markings will guide members and assist distancing.


Coffee beans & hot drinks

Ground coffee and beans will be distributed to member companies directly to limit cross-contamination between members in kitchens.


Open booths & phone pods

Capacity will be limited to one person per booth. Members should clean surfaces before and after use.


Your workspace

All member companies are advised to conduct a risk assessment of their workplace. Employers will need to think carefully about what is suitable for their workplace, and how best to implement these measures to maintain the wellbeing of employees. 

We’re happy to support you with this where we can, and once you have a plan in place, we ask that you share this information with your local Community team, so we can work with you to make your plan as effective as possible.


Preparing your workspace

Members are encouraged to consider adapting their own workspace design to meet the needs of their workforce. We recommend:

- Checkerboard workstation layouts, alternating workstation usage
- Remove meeting room furniture, to assist distancing
- Sanitisation stations at entry points
- Floor signage to guide your team through the space

Please get in touch with your Community teams to help you implement any changes to your workspace. We’re more than happy to facilitate and support you.

Following  government guidelines for appropriate distancing, members will be encouraged to stagger their teams’ return to work. Techspace will be measuring the occupancy of the building on a day to day basis to monitor risk levels.


What we're asking you to do?

  • Stay at home if you have symptoms
  • Use your access card every time you enter the building
  • Practice thoughtful hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Maintain social distancing where possible and follow behavioural cues
  • Limit your access to the floor your office is on unless you have been given access to a meeting room not on your floor
  • Follow local guidelines when planning your return to work

A safe distance, but closer than ever!

The camaraderie within the tech community is unique, this togetherness is part of what makes the Techspace community truly special. 

Together we will rebuild. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to create enjoyable and productive working environments, focusing on what matters most, your wellbeing.

Stay safe, and see you at work!

If you need us, reach out to us at


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For many, getting back to the office is more important than ever. Our goal at Techspace is to help you do that safely. As a result, we are updating our operating standards to help us all navigate the workplace during COVID-19. New protocols, space design and safety measures will help our members feel comfortable and reduce risk.

Return to work measures